Our workshop is for much more than “just” repairs. Granzow A/S operates a highly specialised workshop with the capacity to prepare bespoke solutions for a wide variety of industries.

We at Granzow view our workshop as something of a “melting pot”. It is here that our technical know-how – represented by our skilled engineers and technical drawing specialists – is applied in practice by our workshop fitters, who bring years of skill and experience to transforming good ideas into excellent solutions.

We have been delivering bespoke solutions to the industry for more than 80 years. As we work in so many business areas (pumps & vacuum, compressed air, automated components and generators), we possess unparalleled experience and knowledge when it comes to putting together solutions that are as innovative as they are profitable. Below, you can see a selection of photos of the various initiatives we have helped our customers with over the years.

The Danish Navy’s diving vessel Søløven

We have also helped the Danish Navy with their diving vessel Søløven (“Sea Lion”). Here, we supplied a complete solution to allow dives to be made to record depths – all the way down to 120 metres, in fact – in Danish waters. This is a solution that is highly relevant in the event of plane crashes over open water, where divers are sent down to retrieve the aircraft’s “black box”.

We developed a special gas mixer that has the capacity to deliver up to 300 bar of pressure so that divers working at depths of as much as 120 metres can continuously replace and refill their oxygen bottles. At the same time, we developed a divers’ chamber to help divers cope with the effects of decompression sickness. And everything we developed took into account the limitations on space that often apply to seagoing vessels.

We supplied all the parts and components, including panels and control units. The vessel was completed in 2012, since when we have supplied updates to the ship equipment on an ongoing basis.