Centre service modules

Granzow service – your guarantee of secure operation

Centre service modules from Granzow have been developed to ensure that your compressors and other units run reliably without interrupted operation – year after year. The “Centre Module” service system translates into improved management of operating costs, as well as a fixed plan for service checks.

Granzow carries out service procedures on all kinds of compressors and rotating equipment regardless of make. In addition to the Centre Modules, we provide a range of supplementary services including flow measurement and leak detection, which are both designed to reduce your energy consumption. If you do not have a service agreement, the services are invoiced at our applicable hourly rates. 

Nationwide on-call service

Through our nationwide on-call service system, we have the capacity to deliver transportable compressors whenever and wherever necessary – to help bring operations back online without delay.

Our service covers all parts of Denmark from bases in Glostrup (Zealand) and Løsning (Jutland). Please note that all our service technicians who carry out electrical and refrigeration tasks, repairs and service procedures are subject to authorisation checks.

You can call us 24/7 on: +45 70 13 26 00 (outside normal opening hours, you will be referred to a local on-call fitter).



This module has been established to ensure that the key components of the compressed air installation always live up to the requirements for which they were originally intended.

In practice, this entails performing bearing measurements on the most important parts of the compressor to help prevent unintended stoppages. On completion of the service check, we provide a report on the operational condition of the installation.



This module comprises service checks based on the compressor’s hour counter, where Granzow A/S uses information from the user to keep track of the service dates of the equipment and then contacts the customer to schedule service visits.

What is more, this module can be adapted to match the needs of the individual user with regard to what the contract must or can include at a fixed price going forward, including labour, lubricant and spare parts.



This module is a complete agreement for an individual component. It encompasses CM1 and CM2, as well as all other expenses associated with operation, 24/7 all year round – at a fixed price.



This module comprises statutory service checks on compressed air refrigeration dryers that contain freon. The intention here is to ensure optimal energy-related utilisation of the refrigeration dryer.



This module comprises service procedures on electric and air-regenerated adsorption dryers, including pre- and post-filters. It also features pressure dew point control, including control measurement.

NB The dew point transmitter must be calibrated and cleaned once a year.



This module encompasses statutory service checks and inspections of compressed air containers with a product figure of >2000, i control class 2 and 3.

This form of modular design provides a clear overview of the maintenance costs on a compressed air installation. All the CM Modules can be used together, with the exception of CM3.






We would like to remind customers who use Granzow service that we offer extended preventative maintenance of their compressed air installations. We utilise state-of-the-art measuring equipment to determine:

   •  Air consumption (accurate to 1%)

   •  Absorbed compressor input

   •  Leak detection (ultrasound measurement)

   •  Vibration measurement of bearings (shock pulse measurement)

When Enertronic is embedded in existing installations, an analysis of the current consumption pattern is the best starting point for choice of optimisation model.