Bespoke service scheme

– monitoring and rapid response

With Granzow A/S, you can be sure of excellent service for your compressor and pump components – all over Denmark, at all hours of the day and night and all year round.

Wave goodbye to complicated service contracts and say hello to a straightforward overview of all your components. You are guaranteed optimal operation when you know the condition of all the components in the system – and you can eliminate costly disruptions at the same time.

And if the unthinkable should nevertheless occur, we’re ready to respond without delay, helping you keep the damage and disruption to a minimum.

We provide a variety of service modules, so you never need pay for more than what is necessary to cover your needs.

Call our service department 24/7

If you need our help outside normal working hours, you will be referred to the on-call fitter in your area.

  +45 70 13 26 00

Bespoke service contracts to match your needs

When you sign a service contract with Granzow A/S, you can be sure it includes precisely what you need. This means an end to costly service arrangements involving inappropriate standard agreements – slimming down your costs in connection with the maintenance of your components.

We perform service on all makes of equipment, which translates into a real benefit for you. Because no matter what task you have for us, we take care of it.

When you choose to enter into a service arrangement with Granzow, you can be sure of a one-of-a-kind agreement that you will not find anywhere else . This is because we are the only company on the market that works with the full spectrum: from design and consultancy to repairs and service. In all these areas, we have built up appreciable professional knowledge that benefits you directly.

We carry out our service procedures professionally and efficiently so you can be sure that nothing has been missed.


Service with assurance

It is reassuring to know that your components are running reliably and smoothly. In addition, we present a reliable overview of the condition of your machines, and after our service visit we provide you with a detailed status report so you are always up-to-date.

Not only that, but you actually save time and money with a decent service contract. For example, we run a check – also known as LEAQS – on your compressed air systems.

If there are any holes – which mean loss of air pressure and diminished operation – we repair them for you and give you access to a database comprising a list of previous leaks, as well as the holes we have previously repaired.

Call us in when you want to be sure of high-quality service of your:

We are always ready to come out and provide helpful advice that makes everyday operations easier for you.

You can contact Granzow A/S on +45 43 20 26 00 during ordinary office hours, and on +45 70 13 26 00 in acute cases outside normal office hours.