High vacuum

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High vacuum pumps operate in low pressure areas, usually below 1 × 10-3 mbar. Depending on the operating conditions (the quality of the seal and the surface, the materials used, etc.), pressures below 1 × 10-9 mbar are typically achieved.

We offer you the right high vacuum pumps for a variety of applications. The product portfolio includes turbomolecular pumps, cryogenic pumps and diffusion pumps.

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Our service modules are your guarantee for safe operation. Center service modules from Granzow are designed to keep your compressors and other units running smoothly and without downtime - year after year. With the "Centrum Modul" service system, you get better control of operating costs, as well as service inspections in a fixed plan.

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Turbumolecular pumps Cryogenic pumps Diffusion pumps
  • Achievable pump speed: 20 up to 4000 l / s
  • Clean vacuum
  • Small footprint
  • Different mounting positions are possible
  •  Low energy consumption
  • Very high pump speeds that can be achieved (up to ~ 60,000 l / s)
  • Extremely low pressure level
  • Particularly suitable for light gasses
  • Very clean vacuum
  • Only suitable for relatively small gas flows
  • Very high pump speeds that can be achieved (up to ~ 60,000 l / s)
  • Particularly suitable for light gases
  • No moving parts: robust, reliable, easy to maintain
  • Can only be operated in vertical mounting position
  • Requires additional parts installed to retain the working fluid
  • High energy consumption due to heating of liquid
  • Long time required to preheat and cool
This video demonstrates the principles behind a turbumolecular pump This video demonstrates the principles behind a cryogenic pump This video demonstrates the principles behind a diffusion pump

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