ECODRY plus is a newly developed family of dry compression multi-stage root vacuum pumps that set new standards for noise reduction. The pumps are specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analysis and research laboratories. ECODRY plus provides clean vacuum at maximum pump speeds of 40 and 55 m³ / h and creates the lowest noise level technically possible. They provide stable vacuum performance for many years without maintenance.


CLAWVAC's unique product features offer great benefits for those in need of a crude  vacuum. The pump's design allows for extreme robustness, especially for challenging applications that include handling of particles and vapor-contaminated gases. The pump gives you a trouble-free and cost-saving operation.


Completely oil-free vacuum pumps for use in various applications. From analytical processes such as surface analysis or electron beam melting. Also suitable as a safety pump for turbomolecular systems.


DRYVAC is a new family of dry compressing vacuum pumps. Depending on the application, the pumps are available with different equipment components. The DRYVAC series is specially developed for the photovoltaic applications, display and process industries. All versions of the DRYVAC family are water-cooled, very compact and can simply be mounted on various vacuum systems, especially with regard to the proven RUVAC WH, WS and WA series.


SCREWLINE vacuum pumps are dry compression support pumps based on the screw principle. In addition to the integrated oil cooling for the rotors, standard versions of the SCREWLINE pumps are air-cooled from the outside. For operation in air-conditioned rooms, a water-cooled version is offered. The portfolio is also available as ATEX-certified variants.


LEYVAC vacuum pumps are dry compression for vacuum pumps. The series is specially developed for process industry, F&P, coating and display applications. They can be assembled by adapters for various vacuum systems, especially with regard to the proven RUVAC WH700 and WS (U) and WA (U) series.


This series of vacuum pumps is specially developed for laboratory operations and as safety pumps for (a wide range) turbomolecular vacuum pumps. The DIVAC line is the logical continuation of diaphragm pump technology that has proven its quality through decades of operation worldwide.

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