The standard range – what can it do?

The standard range from JCB features models of 8–730 kVA. The generators are designed to provide ideal current for numerous shared applications. This means that you can expect high performance delivered in a compact, low-noise unit. The generators are supplied with JCB’s intelligent software – LiveLink – which you can read more about here.

Solidly built
As standard, both the open and the closed versions are designed around a robust base frame, which enhances the stability of the unit – even on uneven ground. The durable base also protects the internal components during transport. The closed version utilises a compact, hard-wearing canopy that reduces the machine’s footprint, expanding the installation options for both closed and open units. All canopies are protected by a powder-coated finish, which ensures a long-lasting protective surface. Large doors make maintenance simple by permitting easy access to the engine, the generator, the control panel and all internal wiring.

Easy to manoeuvre
Fork pockets are standard on all units to allow fast and simple installation, and to facilitate transport. All QX generators with a canopy – from model no. G13QX and up – feature a built-in single lift point for excellent handling and easy manoeuvrability between installation sites. The 8–730 kVA range comprises light and compact models, making it simple to shift your power supply from one place to another – when you move from one construction site to the next, for example. All models in this range can be fitted to a trailer and towed quickly and easily, which makes them ideal for construction tasks and rental applications.

A generator with a host of opportunities
The canopies are waterproof and soundproof and feature excellent cooling properties. As a result, these machines can withstand even the most extreme conditions. In extremely cold areas, a cold climate kit is used to protect the machine. JCB generators are designed to hold up to 110% of the total generator fluids so as to prevent site contamination. The solid, single-piece roof provides excellent protection against penetration by water, dust and particles.

Soundproofed, with plenty of options for additional supplements
All canopy models are solidly soundproofed with heavy-duty rock wool to keep noise to a minimum and reduce environmental impact. All open units are fitted with an industrial exhaust silencer and feature an option for fitting a specialised silencer for added peace of mind if your generator is operating in a location where noise levels are critical. These generators can be further enhanced through the addition of extra features to ensure they match your wishes and requirements exactly.

Optional extras include additional exhaust silencing, alternative control panels and spark arrestors, as well as the installation of remote monitoring, automatic transfer panels and additional extra-large fuel tanks.

Complete control through an intuitive interface
JCB generators are fitted with simple and intuitive JCB CP1 digital control panels to ensure easy operation and provide full functionality and monitoring at any site. The G8 and G13 models are fitted with the user-friendly, analogue KS1 controller. A large viewing window makes it possible to check the control panel quickly without having to open the doors. This is particularly useful for quick observation of generator performance.
As an additional safety measure, the generator features both audio and visual warning systems. What is more, remote monitoring can be installed for simple fleet management. This is available through GSM technology, to allow engine management and the option of tracking power performance from a remote location. A full range of automatic mains failure switches is available for standby applications. Internal and external emergency stop buttons assure ultimate safety.

Efficient engines
The models in this range are fitted with highly efficient, world-class engines (Yanmar, JCB, Iveco, Scania or MTU), which not only deliver a long service life, but also help to keep costs down. Available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency, with a range of voltage options. The 8–730 kVA range provides excellent load acceptance and fuel efficiency, which makes these models attractive for all kinds of applications. Engines and generators are matched to function in perfect harmony so as to deliver ultimate efficiency to any application. The engines in this range also include a number of Stage IIIA models that provide even greater emission efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about what the standard range has to offer, you can download a brochure here. The link also provides access to technical specifications.

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