The QS Range: what can it do?

The JCB QS Range is distinguished by performance and innovation, with models available in the 20–220 kVA range. That means you can expect superior performance, low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise levels. JCB has sold more than 200,000 units from the QS range worldwide, which serves as proof – if proof were needed – that JCB delivers truly world-class generators. Mecc Alte alternators are among the most efficient on the market, and generators in the QS range feature them as standard.
The generators are supplied with JCB’s intelligent software – LiveLink – which you can read more about here.

It is simple to monitor and program performance thanks to the standard-fit Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) 4510 control panel. A large screen makes the unit easy to use, and the design is likewise intuitive to understand.

Intuitive to use and easy to manoeuvre
The optional DSE 4520 control panel includes a transfer switch for smooth change-over between mains and generator power in the event of mains failure. QS generators operate with extremely low noise levels – as low as 62dB(A), in fact, which is ideal for a range of applications. The generators are easy to transport and position as they are supplied with extra large fork pockets. They have also been designed to make them as simple as possible to transport, as there is a  choice of four lifting lugs, large fork pockets and a central lifting point (so that a crane, for example, can be used to perform the lift). The numerous options make it easier to move and relocate the generator.

Built to withstand extreme conditions
The three-stage fuel filter and optional self-cleaning air filter protect the engine from premature wear – even in the harshest environments. All the models in the range have been developed and tested to operate in temperatures in excess of 50°C.

If you would like to find out more about what the QS range has to offer, you can download a brochure here. The link also provides access to technical specifications.

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Contact our advisor for further information

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