Crane diaphragm pumps

Oil-free, compressed air-powered diaphragm pumps for pumping fluids

Oil-free, compressed air-powered diaphragm pumps for pumping fluids, with housings made of aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and synthetic material. Option of diaphragms, valves, etc. in PTFE, EPDM (also food approved), NBR, Nitrile and NRS.

Capacities of up to 40 m3/h. In parallel with the well-known DEPA diaphragm pump of the DL type, we are now introducing the new, flexible “Multi-port” pump of the DH type.

Features of the DH type:

  • The orientation of the suction and pressure ports in the manifold can be selected individually on the basis of the design of the installation.
  • Maintenance In Place (MIP). The DH range is optimised for fast, error-free service in place. Maintenance is simple to perform as the DH range features bolt connections and a significantly reduced number of spare parts.
  • Significant improvement in performance on account of the Free Flow-Path technology. In addition, it is supplied with the DEPA® AirSave System, which translates into low compressed air consumption and a low start-up pressure. The DH range has been optimised for industrial applications on account of its low noise emission and high leak-tightness.

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