Generators from JCB

Generators from the British company JCB for constant consumption of emergency power. The models cover the full range from 8 to 2750 kVA.

Wondering why you should choose generators from JCB? Here are five good reasons:

1. High performance
A wide range of reliable engines in operating in harmony with alternators ensure that the generators deliver world-class performance for all kinds of applications.

2. Robust and hard-wearing
The hard-wearing outer casing is designed to keep the internal components intact during transport and operation. The solid metal base frame likewise protects the entire generator.

3. Easy to service
Large lockable doors on either side of an RS generator makes it simple to access the internal components to carry out service procedures – and increase safety at the same time.

4. Easy to use
The over-dimensioned fork pockets make it quick and easy to put your generator in place where it can start operating without delay.

5. Fuel efficiency
The generators are fitted with fuel tanks sufficient for 24 hours of operation so as to reduce
refilling frequency. A 3-way fuel valve makes it possible to use your generator with an external or high-capacity
fuel tank to boost productivity even further.

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