BroomWade screw compressors

BroomWade compressors are perfect for everyone who doesn’t run 24/7 production, but who still places emphasis on quality.

BroomWade is a flexible brand that serves as a supplement to our high-end brands such as CompAir. BroomWade models are particularly well-suited to customers who don’t need a great many operating hours. So if you work in a field that doesn’t involve running 24/7 production, this may well be the optimal solution. BroomWade provides a “plug-and-play” solution, which means fast delivery whatever your specifications may be.  

Screw compressors from BroomWade – fixed speed and frequency-regulated – constitute the ultimate solution for industrial needs at small and medium-sized enterprises. The entire range is designed for continuous use in even the toughest conditions, because special attention has been paid to modularity, energy consumption, low operating and maintenance costs, combined with ease of installation and use.

We stock a full range of 11–22 kW piston compressors and are happy to supply them with a 5-year warranty. The range comprises compressors up to 90 kW, which we can order in at extremely short notice.



  • 5–13 bar
  • 2.2–90 kW
  • 0.24–15.6 m3/min
  • Frequency regulation available as an optional extra
  • IE3-motor as standard


Want to find out more? To access the BroomWade piston compressor brochure, click here.

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