BroomWade piston compressors

BroomWade compressors are perfect for everyone who doesn’t run 24/7 production, but who still places emphasis on quality.

BroomWade is a flexible brand that serves as a supplement to our high-end brands such as CompAir. BroomWade models are particularly well-suited to customers who don’t need a great many operating hours. So if you work in a field that doesn’t involve running 24/7 production, this may well be the optimal solution. BroomWade provides a “plug-and-play” solution, which means fast delivery whatever your specifications may be.  

We stock a full range of 1.5–22 kW piston compressors and are happy to supply them with a 5-year warranty



  • 8–15 bar
  • 1.5–22 kW
  • 190–3,030 l/min // 6.7–106.4 CFM
  • Frequency regulation available as an optional extra
  • IE3-motor as standard


Want to find out more? To access the BroomWade piston compressor brochure, click here.

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