CompAir Quantima centrifugal compressor

Oil-free centrifugal compressor from CompAir.

The oil-free compressors from CompAir sold under the Quantima name are the most innovative centrifugal (also known as “radial”) compressors on the market. Two-stage and frequency regulated. Quantima’s patented Q-drive compressor and motor assembly features just one moving part. The rotor spins in a magnetic field at a speed of fully 60,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).

To put it bluntly, what makes Quantima stand out is what it doesn’t have – specifically: no gearbox, no oil, no mechanical contact and no wear. This makes it possible to achieve savings of as much as 25 percent in relation to conventional oil-free screw compressors.

FAD: 18.5–69.5 m3/min.

Pressure: 3–8 bar.

Power: 150–300 kW.

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