BOGE oil-free piston compressor, PO series

The BOGE PO series provides completely oil-free compressed air from piston compressors that are flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs.

The absolutely oil-free piston compressors from the new PO series from BOGE ensure the supply of high-quality compressed air – even for sensitive applications – with impressive efficiency. In their design, BOGE has placed especial emphasis on ensuring that operation causes minimal wear on the components, while the extremely compact design featuring a closed canopy concept combines operational reliability with eco-friendliness. The compressors in the PO series fulfil the requirements in the RoHS Directive (2002/95 /EC).

The completely oil-free design eliminates the risk of the compressed air becoming contaminated with lubricant. The models in the BOGE PO series run on a completely oil-free principle. This makes them particularly well-suited to use in paint stores and food preparation facilities, for example. BOGE uses special coated pistons and piston rings, specially designed cylinder guides and hermetically sealed bearings – ideal for situations where eco-friendliness is a key element in industrial designs.


FAD: 8.6–24.9 m3/min. 

Pressure: 6–15 bar.

Power: 2.2–5.5 kW.

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