CompAir mobile screw compressors

Wide range of mobile screw compressors from CompAir

Designed to handle even the most demanding conditions. High-precision construction projects demand compressors with top flight efficiency and reliability. CompAir supplies a wide range of portable compressors, with a well-deserved reputation in the industry for precisely this: compressors that meet the demands of a great many mobile compressed air applications. The CompAir C series is constantly being developed and guarantees high energy-efficiency, low emissions and a host of other innovations that make everyday operation and maintenance tasks a whole lot easier.

The CompAir C series comprises several sub-groups:

C10-12 to C14 provides a powerful alternative to electric tools. Small, light and compact; weighing in at just 150 kg and providing 1.0 to 1.4 m³/min at 7–12 bar. Perfect for all kinds of repair and installation tasks.

Volume flow: 1–1.4 m3/min

Pressure: 7–12 bar.

Power: 15.5 kW

C20 to C30 This group of compressors produces sufficient output to run up to two jack hammers, powered by low-noise, energy-efficient Kubota engines. The benefit of a broad engine speed range is that you enjoy greater fuel savings while improving the reliability and service life of the motor itself. You can improve the different uses of these compressors even further via integrated generators that can produce electrical power to the location to run lights and electrical tools. With an operating weight of less than 500 kg (unbraked), the compressor can be transported using small vehicles.

Volume flow: 2–3 m3/min

Pressure: 7–14 bar

Power: 16.3–23.1 kW

C35-10 to C50 This group is powered by extremely quiet, water-cooled Yanmar 4-cylinder diesel engines. The compressors are particularly suitable for applications in cities and built-up areas, where stringent noise emission restrictions apply. The light weight of less than 750 kg (C38 and C42) makes these compressors ideal for a wide variety of applications, making them the perfect choice for hire companies. These compact and lightweight compressors are available with different chassis, as well as with the option of an integrated generator or aftercooler – or both.

Volume flow: 3.5–5 m3/min

Pressure: 7–10 bar.

Power: 35 kW

C55-14 to C76 This new range of compressors is distinguished by the remarkably low diesel consumption – which is actually 10% lower than the preceding range. Fitted with a diesel particle filter, these modern compressors have been built to meet the latest emission standard, Phase 3B. Thanks to a broad pressure range of up to 14 bar, this range of compact compressors is extremely versatile and meets the demands for a variety of applications. The compressors have sufficient storage capacity to run two hammers, a pick or other pneumatic tools. Separate motor and compressor air filters ensure a long service life. All service points are strategically positioned for ease of access.

Volume flow: 5.5–7.6 m3/min

Pressure: 7–14 bar

Power: 53.7 kW

C85-14 to C140-9 This range of compressors is designed for the toughest conditions, irrespective of whether the project in question involves road building, construction work or restoration. The distinguishing features of these compressors are peerless reliability, performance and compressed air quality. They are also fitted with fully accessible doors to facilitate maintenance. As standard, the compressors are equipped with a variety of options intended to open up substantial cost savings for the customer. The inclusion of two batteries ensures reliable operation and performance even in the coldest winter. The long service life of these compressors is further enhanced by additional engine management protection. Diesel engines from the QSB 4.5 range from Cummins – a world leader in diesel engine production – feature electronic fuel injection to comply with European standards for exhaust emissions.

Volume flow: 8.5–13.3 m3/min

Pressure: 7–14 bar

Power: 97–119 kW

C200TS-24 to C270TS-9 With their unique, patented bi-turbo technology, TurboScrew compressors provide best-in-class diesel efficiency, along with the lowest weight – 3,500 kg – and ultra-clean performance in accordance with Directive 97/68 / EC, phase 4 final. The new range is fitted with award-winning SCRT® ( Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology), which has the capacity to remove almost all nitrous oxide emissions from diesel exhaust fumes.

Volume flow: 20–27 m3/min

Pressure: 9–17 bar

Power: 180–224 kW


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