Bypass level meter

Barksdale float switch/level meter

Barksdale float switches/level meters measure the level in fluids with an SG of 0.35 kg/l and up. All kinds of customisation options are available: built-in temperature switches, PT100 sensors and more.

The simple fitting is almost completely maintenance-free and allows up to four Reed contacts as well as analogue outputs of 4–20 mA and Profibus. The float switch provides constant measurement of the level, irrespective of foam, temperature and variable conductive capacity, and it is available in stainless, Teflon, titanium and plastic versions. The temperature range runs from -196°C all the way up to +400°C, while the pressure range stretches from vacuum to fully 400 bar. The unit is PED approved, ATEX approved and backed by a full set of maritime approvals.

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