GAST air motors

Air motors from GAST, available in lubricated, oil-free and stainless steel versions

Air motors can be used in EX areas, as well as in situations where variable speed is required.

They are reversible and in the event of blockage, the axle in an air motor will not become damaged or generate heat in the same way as electric motors, for example. The air motor will simply stop and wait until the blockage has been removed, after which it will start to function again.

Air motors are used in a wide range of industrial segments including: the coloured paint, chemical and oil industries. Air motors are distinguished by low heat development and simple, stepless control of the revolution speed.

Sizes: 0.13–7 kW. Torque of up to 587 Nm. Air motors are also supplied with gears with ratios of from 10:1 to 60:1. ATEX Certified: Supplied with ATEX certificate for use in zones 1 + 2 + 21 and 22.

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