“Sea lion”

Granzow A/S has helped the Danish Navy develop their specialized diving ship, the Sea Lion. Here we delivered a total solution that would enable record deep dives in Danish waters - in fact all the way down to a depth of 120 meters. Such a solution is relevant, for example, in the event of a plane crash over the open sea, where the divers are sent out to salvage the plane's black box

We developed a special gas mixer that can deliver up to 300 bar pressure, which enables divers even at a depth of 120 meters to continuously replace and fill diver bottles with oxygen. This means that the divers do not have to come up to the sea surface and the ship in order to have their diving bottles replaced with new ones. At the same time, we developed a diving chamber to help divers with diving sickness. Everything was developed so that it took into account the cramped space that is most often on board a ship. As an additional "curve ball" the project presented us with a challange in the shape of the ship's hull, which, in the hands of the open sea, will twist and bend. This means that pipe work had to be worked out so that it could withstand that kind of twist.

We supplied all parts, including boards and controls. The ship was completed back in 2012, and we have since continuously provided updates to the ship's equipment.

You can see a short report about the ship in the video below.