Vacuum system for veterinarians

At Granzow we specialize in technical know-how and innovative solutions. For more than 80 years we have provided cutting-edge solutions for a wide array of customers positioned in various different industries.

Granzow has i.a. assisted veterinarians from the former agricultural university, now the Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Small Animal Diseases. At the institute, sick animals are treated, and as part of some treatments, blood transfusions are also performed.

Draining a dog of blood, however, is not entirely straightforward. Where the average time to drain a human is somewhere between 4-6 minutes, it can in dogs, due to their different anatomy, take up to 18 minutes. Dog owners know that it can be a bit of a challenge to get their dog to lie still for a long time, which the vets we worked with could testify to. Unfortunately, in some cases, they had to scold the dogs in order for it to lie still. They rightly thought: "There must be a better solution" - and so they contacted us.

One of our engineers looked at the matter, and came up with a smart solution in the form of a vacuum system that creates negative pressure which in terms then suck the blood out of the dog with a pressure of 800 mbar. The use of vacuum suction rather than letting the blood flow freely meant that the time to drain the blood was greatly improved, as it clocked in at a mere 3 minutes in comparison to its initial 18 minutes. In practice, this meant an experience that is far less stressful for the dog, and at the same time a work environment that is far more fun to be in for the employees.