The new level of high-pressure pumping

When you are in the market for a new pump, Granzow A/S provides you with the latest and the most reliable solutions engineered and designed by state-of-the-art German Technology and engineering company Maximator GmbH. Maximator is one of the leading producers of new-age high-pressure pumping equipment around the globe. Next-generation advancements for improved efficiency and reliability call for a solution for reducing energy costs. Maximator pumps provide unique features for improved performance in a wide range of demanding high-pressure pump duties and no other solution in the market can match their reliable efficiency.  

What is a Maximator Pump?

Maximator pumps are compressed air-driven high-pressure pumps that work on the principle of a pressure intensifier. They are used to pump fluids and are operated with a driving pressure of 1 to 10 Bar of air, gas and other fluids. These high-pressure pumps can be used for many technical applications in the instrumentation and engineering industry as a reliable and cost-effective solution maintaining flow and velocity pressures. These engineering marvels will always deliver accurate test results and provide solutions to the highest industry standards. 

Diverse Uses of Maximator pump

Maximator pumps are widely used in processing technology plants such as oil and gas drilling rigs, crude refineries, water treatment plants and chemical industries. They are necessary components used in the day-to-day work processes of these industries. These pumps are designed to accelerate the transference of fluid from one location to another to keep the process seamless. 

Maximator high-pressure pumps are also used by firefighting agencies, research institutions, instrumentation, and engineering units and in other pressure exchange and controlling fields. With the expertise of German Technology, these pumps are designed to accelerate the transference of fluid from one location to another as the displacement of material is essential for the entire operation. 

Maximator pumps are also being extensively used in pharmaceutical companies, defense organizations, mining companies, and new age construction projects as well as in aviation and aeronautical science as their upstream/downstream operations and primary functions.  

Maximator pump: A compilation of amazing features

Some of the new-age features of Maximator pumps are as follows: 

  • No external power source or batteries required at any point 
  • Airline lubricator is not required 
  • Wide range of models and specifications for extensive application 
  • Most models run on the built-in-cooling system 
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain and research 
  • Best compared performance ratio available in the market 
  • No spark, smoke or flame emulation  
  • Explosion-proof and seamless operation 
  • Smart shut-off and pressure holding capabilities 
  • Automatic startup to keep the loop pressure constant 
  • Low flow to high-pressure built-up abilities 

These features make Maximator pumps stand out from the crowd and hold a leading position in the market. 

Why choose our Maximator pumps?

  • Excellent Technology 

State of the Art engineering that offers the best quality products available worldwide at competitive prices. 

  • Authorized accessories 

We provide original spare parts and accessories delivered at your doorsteps. 

  • Annual maintenance  

Comprehensive maintenance contracts executed according to the quality guidelines. 

  • Technical support 

Technical advice and field support services with engineers. Practical knowledge offered when you need any guidance on a project. 

  • Training and certification 

To gain optimum safety and long service life of the instruments, the operator is informed and trained effectively with various specialized training courses. 

  • Customer care 

In case of a complaint raised for a product malfunction, we work to resolve the issue as soon as you register the online complaint registration form and request a callback. ( 

  • Design consultation  

For engineering and design consultancy on new or ongoing projects, we provide competent commissioning to optimally and economically solve all your tasks and requirements. 

About Granzow

The journey of Ernst Granzow began in 1935 with the formation of Københavns Trykluft Selskab. With a rich history of nearly a century’s worth of innovations and forward-thinking, Granzow A/S stands as one of the leaders of the screw compressors, compressed air treatment, and energy-friendly compressor control industry. 

Right from Ernst's progressive marketing mind-set in rebuilding the first Rolls Royce Hooper, to the innovative tech mentality that led to the ownership of the first Prius Hybrid, or the general outlook towards a sustainable future, it has all allowed Granzow A/S to create a distinctive business persona. 

We now host efficient pumping programs, complete solutions for automation products, and various other innovative industry verticals. Our constant strive towards the betterment of the industry and customer experience allows us to reach both long and short term goals, and thereby create stakeholder value. 

Get your Maximator pump 

When you choose a Maximator pump from Granzow A/S, you’ll get the safest, most reliable and most energy-efficient technology available. Be it Research and Development, Hospitals and Medical facilities, Oil and Gas processing or Life Science or any other engineering project, we offer you a tailor-made pumping solution along with post-installation support and service.  

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