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Whether your place of business is within a private garage, a workshop or a medical laboratory, low levels of noise are essential for staffing comfort, consistent productivity and environmental ease. 

You may be new to the vast and sometimes confounding world of air compression or perhaps you are looking to upgrade or replace an existing set-up – whatever your situation, Granzow A/S are ready to advise you and guide you toward finding the perfect environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solutions to suit your individual needs.

Our vast range of products and knowledge are not limited to air compression units but we also supply screw compressors, compressed air treatments and energy friendly compressor controls, we also supply a complete range of automation products such as bursting discs, bursting panels, fittings, thermostats, valves and pneumatic cylinders, as well as a complete range of pumps, measurement equipment, leak detection systems and sputter systems.


What is a silent air compressor?

A low noise compressor is an integral element within the functioning of many reliable and streamlined businesses that require compressed air resources.

Through the use of innovative technology, skilled research and forward thinking, it has been possible to reduce the levels of noise caused by air compression systems in combination with effective lubrication, precision machining and sound insulation.

This makes a silent air compressor the perfect low-noise alternative for small workshops, hospitals, restaurants and clinics.

Granzow A/S pride themselves on reputation and reliability by only offering premium solutions and we are proud to recommend the services of the Jun Air Compressor, as it offers the best combination of quality, performance, efficiency and low-level sound.


The Jun Air Silent Air Compressor 

Jun Air are globally recognised for their hi-tech but easy to use and maintain systems resulting in almost 70 percent of industrial manufacturers turning to a Jun Air product to assist with their business.

The efficient and exceptionally designed Jun Air Compressor is an unbeatable option for environments requiring supremely low noise machinery. The effective lubrication of the parts within the compressor results in significant reduction of noise and heat when friction is caused by the internalised moving parts. With a noise level in the region of 45 decibels, the Jun Air Low Noise Air Compressor is the best silent option currently on the market. Additionally, the levels of precision machining used within the functioning of this low-noise compressor means that the life expectancy of the moving parts is increased, thus ultimately reducing maintenance costs. 

You will also find that additional advantages of the Jun Air Compressor include the convenience of different types of accessories to further enhance your experience, filters to diminish odour and reduce the output of dust particles and detritus, specialised oil vapours to improve air quality and the vibration-free compression of air.

More information surrounding Jun Air and their silent air compressors can be found on our website.


Solutions for all including the offshore industry

You may have veered away from altering your air compression arrangement as you possibly feel that your set of circumstances is too bespoke. However, we would advise you not to be discouraged. At Granzow A/S we are always enthusiastic about a challenge and relish the opportunity to fully utilise our team of expert technicians and our specialised workshop to develop thoroughly unique and customised solutions.

For the offshore industry we provide reliable and continuous air compression technology which is integral to the safety of workers and uninterrupted process of all systems. Many of our dedicated offshore packages have been designed to include an air fresh water-cooled compressor and a heatless absorption dryer which is regulated by a dew point control and the necessary inlet and outlet filters. This means that the compressed air will be certified in accordance with both ATEX regulations, Zone I and Zone II denoting that the air produced is guaranteed safe for human inhalation.


Granzow A/S are here to help you develop your system

Founded in 1935, we are proud to use our extensive history within the industry as a testimony to our industrial dedication and expertise. We are honoured to cite some of Denmark’s largest companies as our key customer base with our levels of professionalism and advice drawing them back to us in line with their needs.

Confidence and peace of mind are key and Granzow A/S want you to be satisfied that you are making a well-educated and assured decision for yourself and for your business. Purchasing an integral permanent piece of equipment such as a silent air compressor, can be a large investment, especially for new start-up corporations. This is why we offer the option to rent or hire a selection of our products for a duration, or as a trial option, until you are satisfied in committing to a purchase. 


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