Mini Compressor

User friendly mini compressor and other solutions from the global experts at Granzow A/S

If you are in the market for a reliable and user-friendly mini compressor, then the range of equipment brought to you by the experts at Granzow A/S will meet even the most bespoke or tailored of needs.

With an indomitable selection of industrial solutions, in particular a matchless array of compressors, Granzow A/S can provide you with expert guidance and resolutions for all your compressor needs as well as recommendations for any conceivable task or process.

Regardless of the size or type of compressor required, we can guarantee that we have the solution for you.

Energy efficient and environmentally conscious equipment

Granzow A/S are the leading supplier for screw compressors, compressed air treatment systems and energy friendly compressor controls.

Specialising within the diverse market of compressor equipment, Granzow A/S can ensure that with the purchase of a mini compressor you will receive an energy efficient and manageable mobile compressor unit that can be easily and safely moved around as required, or left in situ if necessary.

Whether you need a compact solution because your situation commands a versatile and easy to relocate compressor or because you have a limited amount of available space, Granzow A/S can provide you with a variety of options along with offering expert advice.

Aside from the provision of industry standard solutions, Granzow A/S also service all types of compressors, vacuum pumps and rotating equipment. With all maintenance and repairs being carried out by specially trained and highly qualified technicians who are skilled enough to perform maintenance on any system regardless of its make.

Proud representatives of the landmark Jun-Air Compressor

At Granzow A/S we are also proud to be a supplier of the Jun-Air compressor. This brand of compressor unit is universally renowned for their longevity, endurance and low energy consumption. Moreover, the Jun-Air is an exceptionally quiet option which is ideal for use within any discreet environment such as dental clinics, science laboratories, restaurants and more.

Find out more about why you should opt for the Jun-Air low noise compressor here.

Aside from providing a low-level noise solution that registers under 65 decibels, the Jun-Air compressor also guarantees secure, clean and dry air along with the eradication of harmful oil and gas particles as well as the reduced risk of bacterial outbreaks.

More detailed information about the Jun-Air compressors that are available through Granzow can be found here.

Whilst we are diligent in providing expert advice and guidance so that you will feel confident you are opting for the premium solution for your own individual requirements, at Granzow we understand that a permanent commitment or piece of kit is not ideal for all. With this in mind, we also offer the option to rent or hire a mini compressor should you only need one for a temporary period of time or if you want to trial an option before committing to a purchase. Simply contact us at for more information.    

Expert assistance and bespoke solutions from a state-of-the-art company

Granzow A/S are among the country’s leaders when it comes to a vast array of industrial solutions including mini compressors. With an impressive history dating back to 1935 when Ernst Granzow founded the Copenhagen Compressed Air Company.

Due to our long-standing history within the industry, we have been able to adapt and revolutionize our practises and we are proud to have continually and consistently evolved with modernisation and have remained a state-of-the-art company with an unwavering mission to provide first-rate service from any initial queries following through to our expert aftercare.

Our company vision is to ensure that we remain a global stalwart within the range of leading vendors offering mini compressors, automation, vacuum and pump technology but that we also fulfil this in conjunction with our passion to optimise energy, continue safeguarding the environment and, of course, protecting our customer’s financial interests.

By diligently focussing on our mission we can ensure that Granzow A/S contribute towards a profitable growth for all our customers, long term suppliers and partners through the provision of our effective, high quality and dependable solutions.

A long-standing history with an impressive customer base 

We are proud to be able to cite some of Denmark’s largest companies as our key customer base and it is through our expertise and matchless professionalism and service that they continue to turn to us for their industrial solution and compressor needs.

In addition, please do not feel discouraged if your particular set of requirements seems too individualistic. At Granzow A/S we are happy to fully utilise our team of expert technicians along with our highly specialised workshop so that we can liaise with you in order to create thoroughly unique and compatible customised solutions. 

If you need help finding the right mini compressor, or advice on any of our products, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Granzow A/S we are the go-to specialists for a range of industry solutions. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. We can be contacted via telephone on +45 43 20 26 00 or send us an email at