Trust in the leading experts to receive unrivalled service

As the global leading experts in automation products, high pressure compressors and industrial solutions, Granzow A/S are proud to continue providing impeccable service and a premium selection of products to all our new and existing customers.

Granzow A/S firmly believes in offering cost-effective and environmentally conscious options to ensure that all our client’s needs are met with exacting standards. Regardless of the type of high pressure air compressor or product you may need we guarantee that we can provide a bespoke and tailored solution for you or your business.

What is a high pressure compressor?

An effective and reliable air compressor is a fundamental component of any operation that relies on being streamlined and highly functional. If you work within an industry that requires the resource of compressed air then you can put your trust in Granzow A/S who ensure the delivery of premium solutions and expert advice.

Granzow A/S are the go-to experts for every compressor need and we supply services with our vast selection of air compressors including compressed air treatments, screw compressors and energy friendly compressor controls. In addition, we also supply an extensive range of automation products including pneumatic cylinders, bursting discs, fittings, bursting panels, thermostats and valves, as well as an extensive range of sputter systems, leak detection systems, pumps and measurement equipment.

Providing high-quality solutions with Jun Air

Granzow A/S are the proud suppliers and representatives for the Jun Air Compressor and we profess that Jun Air products offer the best combination of efficiency, performance, service and economy anywhere on the global market.

The Jun Air Compressor is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide with the brand being trusted by more than 70 percent of manufacturers, and we believe those facts speak for themselves.

The Jun Air Compressor is hailed for its low energy usage, durability and sustainability, as well as being outstandingly quiet which is a prime necessity for a number of specialist environments where silence and discretion is key.

The Jun Air registers under 65 decibels which makes it the ideal solution for locations such as dental practices, laboratories, restaurants and more, as well as ensuring the provision of clean and dry air, the annihilation of any harmful particles and consequently the reduction in risk of bacterial outbreaks. 

More detailed information about the Jun-Air compressors that are available through Granzow can be found here.

Established in 1895, Jun-Air continues to sustain its impressive legacy within the industry as well as ensuring that it remains at the forefront of innovation and industrial development.

Certified solutions and bespoke options from Granzow A/S

Granzow A/S are proud to be able to cite some of Denmark’s largest corporations as our long-term customers as we understand that safety and health is paramount. We provide solutions that are certified in accordance with both ATEX regulations, Zone I and Zone II denoting that the air produced is guaranteed safe for human inhalation. 

In addition to providing certified solutions, Granzow A/S are proud to also offer full servicing and maintenance on all types of air compressor, vacuum pump and associated equipment.

All maintenance is carried out by our technicians who are expertly trained, qualified and specifically equipped to carry out any repair work or specialised upkeep on every single system, regardless of brand or age. At Granzow A/S we understand that not all air compressor high pressure units are created equally or that every business need is the same and therefore we maintain a highly specialised workshop so that we can offer all our customers individualised repair and maintenance options and solutions.

Granzow A/S provide exceptional service and innovative solutions

We are honoured to continue being amongst the leading suppliers of air compression units and automotive options. Founded over 80 years ago in 1935 by Ernst Granzow in Copenhagen as Copenhagen Compressed Air and Pneumatics Company, our company ethos remains the same: to continue providing impeccable levels of customer service, innovative, cost-conscious and forward-thinking solutions.

Granzow A/S want you to be confident that you are making the right decision for your business and sometimes this can involve a large investment and concerns surrounding risk. The purchase of a permanent piece of equipment is occasionally not essential or conducive to all, and therefore we also offer the option to rent or hire a high-pressure compressor for your required duration, or as a trial option, until you are satisfied in committing to a purchase. 

Let the experts guide you on how to improve your business

With so many years in the industry you may wonder how we have continued to provide unparalleled service and solutions. Simply, we believe that listening to our customers is key.

It is through listening intently to our clients and their needs that we are able to provide the ideal match in high pressure compressors and stay at the forefront of what our customers need. By handpicking a bespoke solution for each and every individual we can ensure customer satisfaction in line with reducing costs for your business and only supplying you with exactly what you require.

If you need help finding the right hi pressure compressor, or you need advice on any of our products, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Granzow A/S are the go-to specialists for a variety of industrial solutions and options. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. We can be contacted via telephone on +45 43 20 26 00 or send us an email at

If you have any questions surrounding the provision or functioning of a pressure pump or any queries about the field of air compressors or industrial automation solutions, that can’t be answered on our detailed website, then the specialists at Granzow A/S will be happy to assist you.

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