Pressure Switch

Looking for a pressure switch? Granzow A/S are here to help you meet your business needs

Being the leading industry experts and suppliers of industrial automation products and pressure switch compressors, Granzow A/S are the unbeatable choice for both service, expertise and variety of choice.

We understand that navigating the field of automotive solutions can be a minefield, so we endeavor to remove the burden from your shoulders so that you can solely focus on your prime job – making your company or business venture a success.

So, if you find yourself in the market for a reliable and user-friendly pressure switch, Granzow A/S can guarantee that we have the most cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution for you.

Find an unbeatable selection of premium industrial solutions at Granzow A/S

Granzow A/S have been providing industrial solutions since 1935, when it was founded by Ernst Granzow in Copenhagen as Copenhagen Compressed Air and Pneumatics Company. Over the 8 decades since being established, Granzow A/S are proud to continue being at the forefront of the industry and perpetually continuing to deliver first-rate service and products to their new and existing clients.

Offering a vast variety of air compressors including screw compressors, compressed air treatments and energy friendly compressor controls, we also supply a complete range of automation products such as bursting discs, bursting panels, fittings, thermostats, valves and pneumatic cylinders, as well as a complete range of pumps, measurement equipment, leak detection systems and sputter systems.

Bespoke and tailored solutions are our forte

Granzow A/S are proud to use our longstanding expertise within the industry, and our enthusiasm for revolution and modernization to help create and tailor bespoke products and items, such as air compressor pressure switches, for our client base.

With an in-house team of expert technicians, along with our highly specialized and ultra-modern workshop, we are happy to take on the design and creation of any individual or particular set of requirements to meet your business needs. If you feel that your set-up is too bespoke or too individualistic then do not fear – Granzow A/S relish a challenge and are more than happy to fully utilize our resources to craft a customized solution to your requirements.

Certified solutions for the offshore industry

Drawing on our proud history of nearly 80 years providing quality solutions and service, Granzow A/S are able to name some of Denmark’s largest corporations as our continual customers, returning time and time again for our levels of service, expertise, honesty and solutions. 

A dependable and reliable pressure switch is not only an integral piece of the functioning of your machinery but also critical to health and safety. We take this tenet very seriously and will guide you through the purchase of any pressure switch so that you receive exactly what is required but also that much needed peace of mind.

Essentially the pressure switch notifies the compressor when to start and when to stop based on the setting of an upper and a lower point of pressure. It is vital for the safe functioning of your air compressor that your pressure switch settings are accurate, however, Granzow A/S will be happy to guide you through this process if necessary and we also offer servicing and maintenance on all types of compressors, vacuum pumps and rotating equipment to ensure that your set-up remains working in perfect order.

We are also pleased to inform you that all maintenance is carried out by our specially trained technicians who are more than capable of working on any system, regardless of make or age.

Proud supplies of the Jun Air Compressor

As an authorized supplier and distributor of the globally renowned innovative Jun Air Compressor, Granzow A/S maintain that Jun Air supply the best combination of quality, performance and efficiency anywhere on the market.

Sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, the Jun Air Compressor guarantees exceptionally low noise in combination with impeccable levels of clean air and a multitude of environmentally conscious applications. In fact, the brand is trusted by more than 70 percent of industrial manufacturers which speaks volumes about their impressive legacy, quality and expertise within the field.

Specializing in all your pneumatic needs, more information about the Jun Air Compressor can be found here.

Matching the right solutions with our customers

With many years of experience behind us, what continues to make Granzow A/S the leading experts in the field? The answer is simple – we listen to our customers.

By liaising directly with you and assessing each client’s specific needs you can be guaranteed that you will leave with exactly the right pressure switch compressor or any other product that you need to your exacting standards. With our comprehensive knowledge, patience and guidance, we are able to handpick the perfect solution for your business which makes Granzow A/S the perfect solution for you.

If you need help finding the right pressure switch, or you require advice on any of our products, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Granzow A/S we are the go-to specialists for a range of industry solutions. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. We can be contacted via telephone on +45 43 20 26 00 or send us an email at


If you have any questions surrounding the provision or functioning of a pressure pump or any queries about the field of air compressors or industrial automation solutions, that can’t be answered on our detailed website, then the specialists at Granzow A/S will be happy to assist you.

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