High pressure fittings

A long serving history of industrial excellence

For over 80 years, our expert team at Granzow A/S, have been providing high pressure fittings and industrial solutions to ensure safe, secure and reliable results under extreme pressures.

We take every necessary precaution to maintain the quality of our standards and ensure that excellence is delivered in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Driven by a mission to contribute to continued industrial growth for our clients, suppliers and partners, we are proud to stock a wide range of high pressure fittings which are suitable for use in every configuration system commonly used – including the handling of liquids and gases under high pressure.

If you are looking for an upgrade to your current system or are concerned by working under extreme pressure conditions, then let Granzow A/S help you find your perfect set-up.

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Granzow A/S never compromise on safety or quality

At Granzow A/S we believe that every element of your equipment is integral to the overall success of a business. With this in mind, we urge our customers to consider the quality and functionality of the large pieces of machinery to be equal to that of the smallest mechanisms.

Poor fittings, low quality materials and inferior levels of maintenance on the largest and the smallest elements of any system can hinder workflow which results in stagnant product progress and ultimately unmet goals.

Why our high pressure fittings set us apart

There are countless options for high pressure fittings produced globally, so why do our products set us apart from the competition?

In combination with our length of service and unparalleled levels of expertise, we pride ourselves on being forward thinking and consistently innovative. Our team analyse the market on a regular basis to ensure that safety is paramount and that we fulfil the needs of our customers. This includes plugging the gaps in the market where solutions don’t already exist and improving on those that do; and it is this diligence that enables us to outshine all other suppliers within the market.

The key features of our high pressure fittings

First and foremost, our selection of high-quality materials is integral to sustainability and reliability. Not every metal can work efficiently under high pressure and failings such as metal fatigue can result in poor performance.

We believe we should provide the best products possible to our customers, so the materials used for making the fittings are carefully selected and closely monitored throughout the whole process.

We use premium quality carbon and stainless steel to ensure that our high pressure fittings consistently work under extreme conditions. This product awareness starts from our initial design draft through to physical completion so that we can guarantee we are providing you the premium fitting, inline with the premium material choice. 

Consistent service and product monitoring

Our second tenet is that quality and consistency is key. This requires continual and regular checks and revisions, and we believe this ongoing commitment to the product sets us apart from the competition.

Never compromising on quality is one of the key reasons our customers return to us again and again, comfortable that they have found a reliable long-term commitment with an unparalleled company.

The high pressure fittings made at Granzow A/S follow a uniform qualitative pattern that consists of both the physical and chemical properties of the materials used. This consistency has earned us the trust of numerous loyal customers around the globe.

Easy installation and maintenance guaranteed

Our third principle is that simplicity is essential. Every high pressure fitting, including our transair fittings, is designed keeping the customer’s experience in mind. We are certain that not every business has the time nor expertise to be tackling technical difficulties, therefore we ensure that every fitting is both quick and easy to install, as well as being easily modified in the future should the need arise.

Granzow A/S - dedicated to excellence and safety

Finally, our view that the utmost diligence is essential ensures that all Granzow A/S customers are furnished with a product or products that are both reliable and economical.

To make this goal a reality, Granzow A/S have a dedicated team committed to the monitoring of all high pressure fittings. Once approved, the piece then has to pass the vigilant eyes of our experienced quality assurance individuals and this deliberate attention to detail is reflected in our supreme levels of customer satisfaction.

At Granzow A/S, safety is another valued priority. Our company strives to ensure that every single product we make meets all the industry safety standards, including the use of weep holes in our products to reassure you that the pressure fittings we supply are not only high in quality but also safe to use.

Quality products and cost-effective solutions

Founded in 1935, Granzow A/S have worked tirelessly to maintain the assurance of product quality. The process of quality control begins at our research and development team where diligent researchers explore every possible avenue of delivering the best high pressure fittings to you.

Our vision is to be among the leading vendors within this industry and to be known for our high level of competence, quality and value-added solutions - providing our customers with high reliability and good value for money.

High pressure fittings are just one item within a vast range of products that we supply. We also stock screw compressors, compressed air treatments and energy friendly compressor controls, as well as a complete range of automation products such as bursting discs, bursting panels, fittings, thermostats, valves and pneumatic cylinders, and a complete range of pumps, measurement equipment, leak detection systems and sputter systems.

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Granzow A/S believe in complete transparency with our customers. If you have any questions about high pressure fittings, or any products that we supply, then don't hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any questions surrounding the provision or functioning of a pressure pump or any queries about the field of air compressors or industrial automation solutions, that can’t be answered on our detailed website, then the specialists at Granzow A/S will be happy to assist you.

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