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Granzow provides service to companies in the medical and offshore sectors, for example. We deliver industrial solutions to match all kinds of wishes and requirements, with the emphasis on sustainability and superior service.

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Granzow publishes handbooks on many different topics and products from our field, which you can download here. For example, the compendium entitled Den Lille Grønne (“The Little Green One”) presents fundamental knowledge about compressed air solutions and keeps you informed about the opportunities inherent in compressed air.



High operational reliability, sustainable, solutions and value for money are assured through our superior competence and quality


Our webshop presents a wide range of compressors to meet all needs – from home hobbies to industrial applications.


Granzow A/S operates a highly specialised workshop with the capacity to prepare bespoke solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Granzow A/S is one of the leading Danish dealers of compressed air installations

We at Granzow A/S work day in and day out to be your leading supplier of compressed air systems, automated components, vacuum and pump technology. Our approach is founded on superior skills, quality and innovative solutions that ensure elevated operational reliability and good value for money for our customers. Our compressors are all of the highest quality because we only deal in products that comply with the highest quality requirements in the industry.

This is your guarantee of low costs throughout the service life of the compressor. We mean it when we say that our compressor service is top of the line. Our service department works 24/7 – all year round – and our staff are experts in compressors. Moreover, our service agreements make it simple for you to calculate your service expenditure up to ten years into the future.

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